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Human is the most intelligent creature on earth but due to rapid growth of technology machines are becoming more powerful and efficient than human.The machines are becoming more capable to make decisions which are quite accurate than humans.If the technology continuously rises at this rate the machines gets ability of thinking,making decisions,emotions etc.This intelligence of machines is known as Artificial Intelligence.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It is the intelligence which is demonstrated by machines is known as Artificial Intelligence.In general,AI is intelligence shown by a machine such as thinking,decision making etc.Artificial Intelligence is more powerful than the intelligence level of humans and other animals.It is strong enough to make self decisions very quickly.AI makes many things possible such as it solve complex equations in seconds,Making time travel possible,genetic modification etc.

Artificial Intelligence In Today’s World

In present Artificial Intelligence is not smart enough to do complex works because it is the initial stage of AI.The companies such as Facebook And Amazon uses AI to track user behavior to recommend the similar products.Virtual Assistants like Siri,Google Assistant are also AI bots which track your behavior and gives you a better result.

Behavior Of Artificial Intelligence

Now a days AI is in initial stage and not capable to do higher functions.But in future AI gets much advanced and Develops its thinking and decision making power.AI also develops its social behavior which may be helpful or dangerous for humans.If AI is able to develop emotions it may works for human welfare.The possibilities also shows that AI behave just like human like Sofia is the AI robot which is a social robot and works for human welfare.

Merits Of Artificial Intelligence

AI makes many things possible which are impossible now such as time travelling.It saves our time by solving mathematical equations in a second.In future Artificial Intelligence is capable to develop new technology such as gene editing,improvement in medical field,Helps to cure disease like cancer,AIDS etc.Artificial intelligence decrease the man dependency and it is also helpful in emergency conditions such fire hazards,natural disaster,and medical emergency.

Demerits Of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is very helpful for us and solves our many problems but in a limit.AI decrease the manpower which reduces employment.

when AI becomes more intelligent than human brain then 2 cases are possible.In first case AI helps human species and helps us to develop advance technology.In second case AI stand against human species and destroy the complete human life from earth.

If the second case becomes true then the Artificial Intelligence is our last experiment and the robots will rule the world.Some of experts like Stephen Hawking,Elon Musk,Bill Gates says that AI is the last invention of human world.

In 2017 Facebook is working on their Chatting bots which is developed to chat with users.The developers of these bots program them to speak only in English language but during testing period when developers starts the conversation between 2 bots named Alice and Bob they develop their own language which is written in English words but it is not English this shows the computer change their program by itself due to which Facebook have to stop their development on this project.

AI is the one of the greatest achievement of human beings and great advancement in technology.But in a limited way so we need to use Artificial intelligence carefully what is your mindset tell me through comments.

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